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Computer Stuff: Google Chrome Speed Dial and Bookmarks

I’ve spent a lot of time today cleaning and organizing my bookmarks and things on my laptop. I even found a Speed Dial Extentsion for my primary Google Chrome Browser at thE Google Chrome Web Store (

So in addition to my bookmarks on my Bookmark Bar (in grey, under my tabs), I have other bookmarks on my Speed dial now like more of my games to go with Howrse, Webkinz, and Gaia Online games (Animal Jam, Neopets, and Pogo games), more forums to go with my Furaffinty, RPGC, Deviant Art, and Inuyasha forums (like Mylot, SoFurry, and the Bronyland My Little Pony forum, where you can also watch the TV series episodes of “My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic”), and Youtube. Since Chrome has the ability to sync to your email account, you have the ability to access all your Google products and things from any computer as soon as you login to your email, including your full Bookmarks list which is also kept under your Google Products if you add it. I love that, because it means even if you have to uninstall Chrome for some reason, as soon as you download it again and login to your Gmail email, all your bookmarks, extensions, passwords and everything are all right there. -smiles-

This works with Firefox and whatever too, as long as you sync everything to your Gmail email account. Firefox has it’s own Speed Dial, too.
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